Infrarot Adapter in action als Universalfernbedienung iphone android

How to use your smartphone as a universal remote control (2024)


In recent years, smartphone accessory technology has evolved rapidly. Many features were introduced, many of them were also removed. This includes the one AUX Anschluss, SD card slot and more.
But one of the more interesting features for Android and iPhone smartphones was the infrared sensor. With this sensor you could previously use your iPhone or Android smartphone universal remote control use - cyberphone makes this possible again: with our infrared adapter for your smartphone.

What is an infrared adapter?

The infrared adapter is an innovative technology that enables your Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy as a universal remote control (One For All). This means you can use your smartphone to control your devices from the comfort of your sofa.

An infrared adapter, also called IR-Dongle, IR-Blaster oder Zapper known, is a small device that connects to your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy and allows you to control various devices such as televisions, air conditioners, projectors, stereo systems and more. The adapter uses infrared technology to send signals to and operate these devices. The whole thing works via an app that you download.

Advantages of an infrared adapter

  • Simple and convenient control of devices: With just one infrared adapter, you can control all your devices with just one smartphone without having to use separate remote controls.
  • No special solutions necessary: ​​No Arduino or SeKi remote control is required, the infrared adapter is already the all-in-one solution. More than 270,000 devices are already supported.
  • Reliable connection and precise control: The infrared adapter ensures a stable and reliable connection between your smartphone and the devices to be controlled. You can operate the devices precisely and without delay.
  • Saving space and money: By using the infrared adapter, you reduce the number of remote controls required and save space in your living room. You also save yourself having to buy additional remote controls.


Universal remote control for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

The infrared adapter turns your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy into a universal remote control. You can use it to control different types of devices - ideal for a smart home. Compatibility extends to a variety of brands and models making this adapter the perfect addition to your smart home system. Well-known smart lights such as Philips Hue, smart TVs such as Samsung or LG or Apple TV are also supported.

Choosing the right infrared adapter

cyberphone is almost the only smartphone accessories online shop that offers infrared adapters. When choosing the right adapter for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, you should make sure that it is compatible with your device model and that you have chosen the right connection. As many device codes as possible should also be supported.
We have already done this work for you and picked the two best IR blasters for you: 

Instructions for using an infrared adapter

Using an infrared adapter is very simple and straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide to get you started:

  1. Connect the infrared adapter to the port of your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.
  2. Install the corresponding app for the infrared adapter.
  3. Set up the app by adding your devices with the click of a button.
  4. Start controlling your devices via the app on your smartphone.



The infrared adapter is a great way to turn your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy into a universal remote control. You can control your devices conveniently and easily while saving space, batteries and money on separate remote controls.

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