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How to protect your smartphone from prying eyes (2024)


Almost all of us use our smartphones daily and rely on them for our personal and business affairs. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to protect the screen while maintaining our privacy - that's where privacy glass comes into play. 

In this article we will focus on that Privacy glass for iPhone, but the information applies to all smartphones.


What is privacy glass?

First of all, there is an important difference between conventional protective glass (tempered glass) and privacy glass. While tempered glass, also known as protective glass, protects the screen of your smartphone from scratches and bumps, privacy glass also protects it from unwanted looks. It only allows a limited view of the screen, making it difficult to watch from the side. This makes it more difficult to read sensitive information when there are other people next to you, for example on the train.

Advantages of privacy glass for iPhone

Increased privacy

With Privacy Glass you can protect your privacy by limiting the viewing angle on your screen. This reduces the risk of so-called "shoulder surfing", where unauthorized people try to take a look at your screen. No matter whether you are on public transport, at work or in a café, the privacy glass gives you the security that no one can watch from the side. Of course, privacy glass doesn't offer 100 percent security, but it's still worth it to block most looks.

screen protector

In addition to protecting your privacy, privacy glass also offers the same protection as conventional bulletproof glass. It is resistant to scratches and protects your screen from bumps and breaks. So you can still be sure that Your iPhone is protected at all times.

Visual clarity

Unlike certain conventional protective films The visual clarity of your screen remains with the privacy glass unaffected.. It provides crisp vision and reflects light to minimize glare. It not only protects your privacy, but also offers excellent image quality for your smartphone use.

What should you pay attention to when choosing privacy glass for your iPhone?

  • compatibility: Make sure the privacy glass is suitable for your specific smartphone model. It is also important that the fingerprint sensor is supported (which is often not the case).
  • thickness: Choose a privacy glass that is both thin and durable to protect the screen. A glass that is too thick can make for an uncomfortable smartphone experience.
  • Installation: Look for privacy glass that is easy to install and allows for bubble-free installation.

Recommendations for privacy glass brands and models

When it comes to installing protective glass, it is important to make sure it is applied properly and without air bubbles. It is not It is necessary to have the protective glass or protective film installed by a professional craftsman or in a specialist shop. You don't have to be an expert because you can easily install it yourself.

We have already done the work for you for the iPhone 14 and selected the best privacy glass for the iPhone 14 that is compatible with different iPhone models: Tempered glass with privacy filter for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. It features a high quality, thin privacy glass that is easy to install and allows a clear view without loss of image quality.

Installation tips and best practices

When it comes to installing privacy glass, it is important to make sure it is applied properly and without air bubbles. Therefore, it is advisable to have it installed by a professional craftsman or in a specialist store. This way you can be sure that it was applied correctly and that no annoying bubbles will appear.

If you install it yourself, make sure that the screen is cleaned thoroughly and that the privacy glass is applied without bubbles. 
The Privacy protective glass from cyberphone comes as a complete package including cleaning cloths.

FAQs about privacy glass for iPhones

Can I remove the privacy glass again?

Yes, the privacy glass can usually be removed easily without leaving any traces. However, you should make sure that you peel it off carefully so as not to damage the screen.

How do I clean the privacy glass?

The privacy glass can be cleaned with a soft microfiber cloth and a screen cleaning spray. Do not use harsh chemicals or harsh cloths as this could damage/scratch the privacy glass.


The privacy protective glass is the perfect solution to protect your smartphone screen from scratches while maintaining your privacy. It limits visibility from the site and increases the security of your personal information. Choose the best privacy glass for your iPhone and protect both your screen and your privacy. Let a professional help you with the installation for the best result.

The difference between tempered glass, protective film and privacy glass is that the latter provides additional security in terms of your privacy. If you are looking for reliable and high-quality protection for your iPhone 14, this is it cyberphone privacy glass for the iPhone 14 Series recommended.



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